Contributions to The Times Diary


8th May, 2014: Ukip, a song and dance act

10th December, 2013: Come clean, says Belle de Jour

20th November, 2013: Michael Palin the woodsman

15th November, 2013: Eric Pickles: ‘I wore white tie once. I looked like Oddjob’

16th October, 2013: I contributed this item about George Galloway’s gorgeous (and lucrative) house sale.

15th October, 2013: I contributed this item about the Eric Pickles road trip.

September 18th, 2013A small piece in The Times Diary last week about, of all things, Tom Daley’s swimming trunks.

The auction was raising money for The Mercury Phoenix Trust, an HIV charity set up shortly after the death of Freddie Mercury of Queen. Smashing event; I even saw Al Murray do a short gig. Despite the predictability of his routine it always cracks me up.

4th September, 2013: George Osborne’s fear of snow.