‘Why the heck would you want to do that?’

‘I’m running a marathon’


‘No really’
‘Why the heck would you want to do that?’
‘Well I watched that film, you know the one with Jim Carey’
‘No! The other one, where he’s under a spell and has to say ‘yes’ to everything’
‘ ‘Yes Man‘? ‘
‘Yes. And it gave me, like, a spark, I just went and signed up!’
‘You do know he gets hit by a truck at the end?’
….’I didn’t get that far no’
‘Ok never mind – he survives – but anyway, why now?’
‘Well, if I’m ever going to do it it’s gotta be now. It’s now or never’
‘That’s almost certainly not true.’
‘Whilst I’m young and’-
-‘you have the aerobic ability of a 45 year-old chain smoker.’
‘Now that’s unfair.’
‘No it’s rude; and entirely fair.’
‘Bollocks. I’m fitter than I look.’
‘I hope so.’
‘Cut it. I was actually going to ask if you wanted to run it with me?’
‘Well I wouldn’t be ‘with you’ for long would I?’
‘Just stop it.’
‘Ok ok, sorry. I might do actually. Is it a full marathon?’
‘The real deal.’
‘Where/when is it?’
Manchester. April 28th’
‘Wait, Manchester? Why not London?’
‘It’s flatter.’
‘Cool. I’ll get back to you. Are you running it for anything or just to prove a point?’
‘Both. Lately more towards the latter.’
‘sorry I was just kidding before’
‘All is forgiven. I’m running it for Oxford SSSK.’
‘Whaaa, SSS-what? Throw the whole alphabet at me why don’t you.’
‘S-S-S-K. It’s an acronym.’
‘Don’t patronise me.’
‘Well please do patronise me! SSSK stands for Students Supporting Street Kids; I’ll be running in aid of them.’
‘Superb. When can I start sending money your way?!”
‘Wooh steady on, I haven’t set it up yet, but I will probably use Bmycharity or something similar when I do.’
‘You seem less cynical now?’
‘Marginally. I get that you’re serious, but I just can’t see something like this happening to you.’
Screen Shot 2013-01-02 at 11.00.22
‘You never know.’
‘I really think I do.’
‘Fine. Be that way.’

In the spirit of Socratic dialogue, contained within Plato’s ‘Republic’, which I should be studying right now.