UKIP’s Youth Club: is Generation Y falling for Farage?

Additional Reporting credit (I interviewed the young UKIP-ers) for this piece in the Evening Standard magazine.


An editor has to be heartless, but thoughtful too

Written for Cherwell.

I was prompted to write this comment piece upon learning that one Shark Tales participant is facing the sack, after comments published by Cherwell. It raises questions about if and when student journalists should protect students’ reputations.

The Times: Signs given a mysterious highway code

An amusing one to write up. The prison cell picture isn’t included in the article, which is a shame as it was quite striking and alluded to more serious themes than the others. Weblink here.


The Times: How calming music can cut road accidents

A short article (£) explaining how new research has found further evidence linking ‘calm’ music with motoring safety.


The Times: Men prefer their wives to fail

Weblink here.

The article also appeared in abbreviated form on page 19 of The Times on Friday, 30th August.

men wives print copy 2


The Times: Cloud sends back new images taken on stolen iPhone

An amusing tale. Weblink here (£).

On page 15 of The Times on Wednesday, 28th August.

iphone theft print edition


The Times: Students attack Abbott over £1,750 speaking fee

I reported on the controversy (£) surrounding Diane Abbott, the Labour MP, charging an impressive sum to Birmingham University for delivering a talk at a politics seminar. See the pdf here



The Times: Burglars miss Adlington’s medal haul

How proud of my hometown I was to hear of the Olympic champion’s burglary, which fortunately only incurred the loss of a car and some electronics – not the prized gold medals she won in Beijing!

Tom Beardsworth Rebecca Adlington



The Times: Teenager savaged by dog in Bradford home

A piece I did whilst on work experience at The Times earlier this week. (£)


Spectator: There is no conspiracy against state school students going to Oxford, honest

Here’s my piece for the Spectator’s coffee house blog about A-levels and Oxbridge entrance.