Best of the web: baldness, East European London and the making of McKinsey

‘Best of the web’ is my weekly attempt to squeeze something useful out of my (nerdy) procrastination. Read last week’s here.


Hair loss should not be a global health priority

Anjana Ahuja, Financial Times

And who could possibly disagree? Well, me, perhaps – I’m genetically on course to lose my rather untidy mop before 30. Lovely as a cure for baldness would be, did you know that more is spent on looking for one each year than is spent on malaria control? I didn’t.

From Eastern Europe to the East End

Ben Judah, Standpoint

Judah writes:

If Conservative MPs ever deigned to talk to Polish builders they might discover people near-identical to the Norman Tebbit fantasy of the working class. Industrious savers. Family people. Willing to work for nothing. Fans of Thatcher, the Soviet-fighter. Disgusted by trade unionists and completely depoliticised.

I really like that irony; few Conservatives get it, though Anna Soubry, on last night’s Question Time, does. Judah gets under the skin of the burgeoning East European working class. It’s well worth the long read.

The Making of McKinsey: A Brief History of Management Consulting in America

Duff McDonald, The Firm (excerpt)

This article is an excerpt from McDonald’s book about the history of McKinsey, the legendary management consultancy. How did a fairly dull accountancy professor, James McKinsey, create a company whose management nous (and hourly rates) would become world famous?


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