Oxford Union invites EDL leader Tommy Robinson

I was quite pleased with this story, both because it’s a great scoop and because it came so easily. I was checking my twitter feed late one evening and saw an invite to Robinson made by an Oxford fresher – later confirmed to be a member of Secretary’s Committee – that had been retweeted by someone I follow.

Personally, I don’t have a problem with invites to nasties like Griffin and Robinson for well-rehearsed reasons of defending the principle of free speech. I suspect that a silent, but large, majority of Oxford Union members agree, even if a vocal minority of Oxford students (disproportionally represented at OUSU, the student union) vociferously don’t.

As an interesting aside, this story was evidently shared widely on social media – including on EDL forums. Several of the comments underneath the article, odious as they are, are worth reading in full.


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