Julian Assange at the Oxford Union

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 21.27.53

Check me asking Julian Assange a question via video link.

The question I asked was deliberately a bit snarky. The Oxford Union was hosting an award ceremony by Sam Adams Associates, a group of whistleblowers and non-conformists that includes Annie Machon (who Chloe Cornish, lately of Brasenose, interviewed), the former MI5 officer.

The problem was that the award’s recipient, Tom Fingar, is no fan of Assange, who he has accused of “violat[ing] the law, personal obligations, and professional ethics.”  The question I asked was whether he had any warm words for Assange. He didn’t, only coldly wishing the Australian dissident “good luck”.

That makes Assange’s invite to address the ceremony a rather curious decision. Including the Q&A, Assange had the floor for some 40 minutes, totally overshadowing the award and its significance.

These are two links to Cherwell news articles (both with excellent video reports by Xin Fan) about Julian Assange’s talk at the Oxford Union, and the opposition expressed by some in the Oxford community. See the front page story in print here.




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