Bloomberg: who is inflation hurting the most?

I’m now approaching the end of a ten week internship at Bloomberg News in London. It’s been pretty great. A couple of thoughts about a piece published under my byline today. Families’ 5%… Continue reading

London Renters Win in Billionaire Backyard as Prices Soar

London Renters Win in Billionaire Backyard as Prices Soar In a way this makes no sense. Rent in London is high relative to other U.K. cities and many category peers in other countries. Relative to… Continue reading

Ben Sullivan and student journalists

A quick break from Finals revision to jot a few thoughts about this piece, published last week on the website of The Cambridge Student newspaper. I’ve seen it shared a lot on social… Continue reading

Contributions to The Times Diary

  8th May, 2014: Ukip, a song and dance act – 10th December, 2013: Come clean, says Belle de Jour – 20th November, 2013: Michael Palin the woodsman – 15th November, 2013: Eric Pickles:… Continue reading

Look Left: Still number three?

I wrote this piece for Look Left, the termly Oxford University Labour Club magazine. Look Left Still Number Three

Ukip councillors lead the way in meetings

For The Times. The research involved (a) sending out a bundle of FOI requests to county councils, (b) analysing and, where necessary, re-tabulating the data and (c) calculating the average party attendance within… Continue reading

Beyond the Brochure: No accounting for taste

Additional Reporting credit for this Sunday Times Home piece. I contacted lots of estate agents around the country to talk about the property market in their area and to see how those properties… Continue reading

The perverse case, vigorously made

There was a passing line in this Spectator piece, which otherwise says little of Oxford, that caught my eye over the weekend: On questions of literature, where Raine could claim more authority, we… Continue reading

Best of the web: the law of solitude, Sun+ and, of course, Mandela

‘Best of the web’ is my weekly semi-regular attempt to squeeze something useful out of my (nerdy) procrastination. See last time’s here.   The law of solitude David Allen Green, Financial Times (blog post) Old-fashioned liberals… Continue reading

Best of the Web: Bill de Blasio, Robert Caro and Thanksgiving in Mongolia

‘Best of the web’ is my weekly semi-regular attempt to squeeze something useful out of my (nerdy) procrastination. See last time’s here. The 99% Mayor: Bill de Blasio’s promise may also be his problem Chris… Continue reading